Soundproof Garage For Music: Creating the Perfect Acoustic Environment

Soundproofing the Garge for music is a great idea to work if you are a musician, want to work from home, want to learn music in the garage or anything else. Then, it would help if you soundproof the garage for music.

The soundproofing garage is not almost the same as the soundproofing booth or Rooms. Isn’t it?

So, In this article, I will try to share my experience of soundproofing my garage. Let’s start with the following:

Before we move ahead, This is a story of converting my garage into a perfect acoustic Environment in order to record my video for my YouTube Channel.

In most cases, people used to soundproof their garage to record sound for a Spotify-like solution.

Things You Should Consider While SoundProofing Garage:

Creating the Perfect Acoustic Environment: Soundproof Your Garage for Music Production

If you want to soundproof the Garage, you need to follow the following steps:

Soundproof wall of the Garage

Soundproof walls used to play a very crucial role in the sound level inside the garage.

According to an estimate more than 220 million individuals in the USA are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss. Out of these people, more than 8% of people are at the risk because of indoor pollution.

To the soundproof wall of your garage for music in a very effective manner, you need to follow the following things:

  • Apply Acoustic Paint
  • Apply the Acoustic Panel on the Garage wall
  • Use Soundproofing Blanket

Let’s discuss all these three steps in a very detailed manner:

Step 1: Apply Paint Over the Wall of the Garage

Soundproof Paint

Application of the correct paint over the wall of the garage is a need of the hour. A Normal paint improves sound quality by 30 to 40% while an Soundproof paint used to improve the sound quality by more than 80%.

So, To soundproof garage, it will be a wise decision to use acoustic paint. In my case, application of Acoustic paint over normal paint let the improvement of the sound in the room by more than 60%.

Some best SoundProof Paint You can try to Soundproof Garage:
  • LizardSkin 50115: Lizardskin is one of the leading soundproofing paint available in the market. It used to cost $182 per pack. It has 4.7 star out of 5 star. It appears along with 25.1 pounds weighing box.

Step 2: Apply the Acoustic Panel on the Garage wall

Application of the acoustic foam in the garage is very crucial. More often garage is situated outermost part of your house. So, there is high chance it has very high sound levels.

In my case the sound level of my garage is 165db as my house beside the main road. To record the sound for my youtube video, I need to bring it down to 30db. When I applied acoustic paints, there is a 55db sound.

So, i have applied acoustic foams. The acoustic foam has helped me to bring the sound level to 24db in my garage.

Some best Acoustic Panel You can try to Soundproof Garage:
  • NORTH Acoustic Foam Panels: The total effectiveness of TRUE NORTH Acoustic Foam Panels. When You check the rating of this acoustic panel on amazon, you will it has a 4-star rating out of 5. I used this panel in past to soundproof my studio, after implementing this panel, I get phenomenal success in soundproofing.
  • LIGHTDESIRE: It is Pack Self-Adhesive Sound Proof Foam Panels is one of my favorite Acoustic Panels on the market as it comes with Self-Adhesive. So, you do not need to paste adhesive while these panels in your home or office.

Step 3: Apply SoundProofing Blanket

In my case, I didn’t need to apply this as I reached required sound sound level of 30db. You may need to apply this, I you haven’t reached the required sound level.

I think, you have completely soundproofed your Garage.

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