Soundproof Paint: Does It Really Works in 2023

In 2021, I was creating a Soundproof booth to record my youtube video. My painter came to me and asked me to apply soundproof paint over all sides of the walls.

I was totally get shocked by the way he asked as He was having full confidence and I was totally unaware of any paint that can improve the sound quality of my home, room, office, shop or anything else.

So, I started my research regarding the soundproof paint and totally get shocked. So, I am here to express my experience regarding soundproof paint.

What is Soundproof paint?

Soundproof Paint

Soundproof paint also known as Acoustic Paint is just like other paint but designed and produced with a single concept i.e improving sound Quality by observing the sound. It’s a relatively new and useful product that recently appeared in the market as it started to roll into the market only after 2010.

They are generally manufactured by adding rubber, Foam, acoustic solution, ceramic microspheres and sound-absorbing fillers like latex and many more sound-absorbing materials in order to enhance sound observing levels.

If you calculate the price to paint with normal paint in comparison to soundproof paint, the price is almost two and a half. This all happens because of the thickness of the paint.

Does soundproof Paint Really Work?

Before we move ahead, take a look at the video which illustrates how to soundproof paint works.

I think the video has illustrated you everything regarding the soundproof paint works. Long Story Short, These paint usually observe the extra sound and make it a quiet room.

In fact, there is a well-established myth available in the market “There is an improvement in sound quality when we apply paint in multiple-layer”. Even if you apply the paint with a thickness of more than 1CM, the quality of the sound will remain the same.

The improvement in the Sound Quality only happens because of the materials in it.

One thing, you should note is “Paint only improve sound Quality by 10 to 20%, If You need to Improve Sound Quality by more than 80%, you need to install and apply other soundproof material along with paint”.

Important Things To Read:

When we apply this paint to walls, ceilings, and Soundproof Booths – then we only see an improvement in the sound quality by only 20 to 30%. This makes it an ideal solution for those who have noisy neighbourhoods but not for professional work.

Reasons: Why You should use Soundproof Paint for Effective SoundProofing?

When we dig the well, we get tons and tons of reasons that can illustrate “Why You should use it for Effective SoundProofing?”. Some of the reasons we find are listed below:

  • Improved Sound Quality: It offers an improvement of the sound quality by 25 to 40% if applied alone while it is along with curtains, Acoustic Sealant and Adhesive, Best Acoustic Panels, and many others then there will improve sound quality by more than 80%.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: It helps to reduce noise levels in any room or area by absorbing extra sound waves. It traps the sound extra sounds in it. Thus, helps you from migraine-like health conditions.
  • Improved Privacy: If you are a businessman or anyone who needs pure privacy. Then, This is a must to have for you guys.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: It is almost 50% less costly in comparison to other soundproofing materials available in the market.
  • Easy to Apply: You can apply it to the wall or wood just like other paint.

How to Choose the Right Soundproof Paint?

Choosing the right acoustic paint is very critical for everyone. Both too much and too little sound(SAFFOCATION) is dangerous for everyone. If the sound level is below 10db, then, it is too dangerous for human residing inside. So, Before applying paint, you need to consider where you are applying the paints. Here’s some parameters, you should consider before applying:

  • Size of the Room: Size of the room use to play key role while selecting the paint. Each room has it’s own noise levels. If your room is connected with roads, it has very high level of noise in comparison to the room where there is low human interactions.
  • Type of Noise: Every paint is made up of different composite materials with different ratio. So, designed to reduce a unique noise wavelength. For Example:- Foams are used to reduce Echo, Rubbers are used to reduce high frequency wavelength, and many other. So, choose right paint with tight composite materials.
  • Consider the Cost: Every acoustic paint comes with it’s cost because of ratio of sound proofing materials available in them. It is going to cost from $100 per room(9*8 feet) to $250 per Room. So, consider total cost before choosing right paint that feets your pocket.

How to Apply Soundproof Paint?

Once you’ve chosen the right soundproof paint for your needs, it’s time to apply it. Here are some tips to help you apply soundproof paint:

  • Clean the Surface: You need to clean the surface neatly almost like normal paint. You need to do (Scrub the surface > Paint the wall with white paint > Apply Sound Proof Paint).
  • Prepare the Paint: One the wall is clean, you need to prepare the paint to apply the paint on it. Usually, the paint arrive in the white color. You need to convert the white paint to your desired color of the paint. To do this, you need to add adhesive colors shipped along with the paint according to your paint.
  • Apply the Paint: Once you have prepared the paint, You need to apply the paint on the wall. You apply the soundproofing paint by Roller or brush or high pressure pump.
  • Allow the Paint to Dry: Let the acoustic paint dry, Now re-apply the paint and let it dry. Leave the room for two to three days (It smells a lot). After, two days your room is ready to use.

Best Soundproofing Paint Available in the Market:

There are lots of the brands are available across the global market. Some of these products are listed below:

LizardSkin 50115:

Lizardskin is one leading soundproofing paint available in the market. It used to cost $182 per pack. It has 4.7 star out of 5 star. It appears along with 25.1 pounds weighing box.

How to Get good Sound Quality without using acoustic paint?

Many of us doesn’t want to spend a lot and wants to get almost same sound quality in comparison to soundproofing paint without using them. As a soundproofing paint use to cost almost double in comparison to normal paint.

Either Replace or Cover

There is a great chance our homes are built have hard surfaces as they are mostly made up of concerts. Isn’t it?

If, it is true for you. You need to replace or cover them with soft surface. For Example, If there is concrete – you can use wood or if there is wood or concrete – you can use foams or acoustic curtains to cover them.

Use False Wall and Ceiling:

Use of False wall and ceiling are the great tools to improve the sound quality of room. If you left a 1cm space between real wall and false wall – you will see an improvement of quality by more than 90%.

Fill the Crack or Gaps:

There is very high chance, sound which originates outside of the room can be listen inside the room while the room is closed. This all happens because of cracks or Gaps.

You need to fill the cracks or gaps available in the room. To fill them, you can use acoustic adhesives.

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Soundproof paint is a great way to reduce noise levels in any room. It is a cost-effective solution compared to other soundproofing materials and is relatively easy to apply. Additionally, soundproof paint can also help to improve the sound quality in any room, making it great for those who enjoy listening to music or watching movies in their home. If you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to reduce noise levels in any room, soundproof paint is definitely worth considering.

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